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Especially for women' 08


Старое Время

Especially for women' 08

Admitted cars

Only original cars produced before 1970. Women at the wheel. Different conditions for different age groups. Special conditions for Car clubs. Applications from clubs are considered first of all. Younger cars can also take part in the competition as participants but out of count.




JUNE, 21st 2008

Gathering of participants takes place on June, 21st near the "Blue-Elephant" restaurant from 12 till 2 pm. The two hour route will run in the most beautiful places of Moscow. Participants are waited with fascinating competition, elegance contest and a lot of surprises. During the competition for misters direct translation of competition will be organized.

The celebratory dinner and prize-giving ceremony will be at the "Blue-Elephant" restaurant.

Lovely Ladies we wait for you!!!

Dear sirs support participants!!!




Classic Automobile Rally-Club (C.A.R.C.) at support of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF)


Phone: 7(985)643 2203; 7(916) 222 5854; Fax: 7(495)903 1397.