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The “IV international rally “GOLDEN CUPOLAS”


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The “IV international rally “GOLDEN CUPOLAS”

The “IV international rally “GOLDEN CUPOLAS” - a regularity rally, organized by CLASSIC AUTOMOBILE RALLY CLUB (CARC), is to take place between 4 and 7 July 2007. This event is the only international rally of classic cars in Russia and is run in compliance with the rules of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF).

“Golden Cupolas” is a tourist rally (2nd category of rally classification). Rally will take place over approximately 1200 km at Russia’s Golden Ring roads through ancient Russian cities. The whole course will be secret and is to be divided into 4 Stages (4 days), of which 3 stages (3 days) are regularity test sections, and the last day will be held as poker run.
The Russian and foreign crews from England, Germany, France, Israel, Ukraine, Italy and from the Republic of South Africa will compete together.
The organization accepts up to 50 participating vehicles built before 1970, inclusive.
But actually younger cars can also take part in the competition as participants but out of count.

In four days crews will make a distance about 1200 km and will visit about 15 cities and a lot of small villages where they will be met by numerous spectators.

Driving between the cities will be proceeded according to traffic regulation rules. In the cities there will be competitions of slalom type depending on local conditions. In each town some excursions and shows will be held. We’ll visit a lot of ancient monasteries and different museums.

The “IV international rally “GOLDEN CUPOLAS” will depart from the center of Moscow on the morning of July 4th.

Every evening at dinner there will be Russian national music and shows. On the third day, there will be a boat trip on the river Volga with Cossack chorus. The prize-giving ceremony will be at one of Moscow restaurants on the evening of July 7th.

Registration opens January, 1st 2007 and closes June,1st.
The entry fee will be 2300 euro for two people (driver-navigator).
The payment for any plus passengers or accompaniment is 900 euro (1 person).
This includes all meals and lodging in the hotel and restaurants, services, documentation, competitor’s kit and gifts.
Organizer provides
• Civil responsibility insurance for the term of rally
• Secure parking
• Police escort where needed
• Rally - Organization: roadbook, start-number, marshals, technical support (escort with Interpreter and trouble shooter, towing-team)
• Celebratory dinner and prize-giving party at finish.

Regulations, Specials
The whole route will be driven according to a road-book.
Drivers must hold a relevant, valid Driving Licence
The complete route will be controlled by time-checks.
All our marshals are the professionals specializing on carrying out of rally on classic cars. So fair refereeing is guaranteed.
The roads are in a various condition
The main purpose of our rally is to have fun, to get acquainted with small parts of Russia, make friends in and of the rally.

We can help you with:
Visa and health-insurance for Russia
Any help on Russian customs

In addition:
You can take the classic car for rent from our club for the period of carrying out of competition
( the quantity is limited!!!)

For foreign crews their will be additional excursion program:
July 1rd-3th – sites of Moscow,
July 8th-9th – sites of Saint-Petersburg;
(This program is optional and is not included in the cost of partsipation).

Only entries received at 1-st Tverskaya-yamskaya st, 3 Moscow
– Russia, or by telephone +7 495 9373945, by mobile +7 916 146 28 36,
via email or filled on the will be accepted.
The closing date for entries is June, 1st 2007.
All entries must compulsorily include the following:
a) Name, Surname, address, ID or passport number, telephone
number and e-mail of Driver and other Crew member.
b) Make, model, year of manufacture, color, Technical Inspection.
c) Document or receipt proving payment of the entry fees.