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 “Closing of the season” rally – final stage of the Championship 2005


Старое Время

“Closing of the season” rally – final stage of the Championship 2005

Only original cars produced before 1970. Younger cars can also take part in the competition as participants but out of count.

1 October 2005 - The final stage of the Championship 2005.

Rally " Closing of a season " - the final stage of the Championship 2005.
Rally in picturesque places of Moscow and Moscow region finishes an active season of competitions among classical cars. After finish there will be Ceremony of Awarding the winners of the Championship 2005 in Classic cars Rally. 

Gathering of participants: Vorob'evi Gori, opposite to a viewing platform.

12:00 the Beginning of registration; 13:40 the Termination of registration

13:45 Instruction of participants

14:01 Start of the first crew

18:00 Finish

18:30 the Club party and ceremony of rewarding of winners of rally " Closing of a season " and winners of the championship of classical cars 2005 - Family club " Mountain Nikolina " (Nikolina Gora)

(A settlement Nikolina Gora, 7 Strawberry street )

It is possible to fill the application form for participation on our site, and also to reserve starting number necessary for you. If you have additional wishes please inform us in advance.

Cost of participation: 300 $

Each crew has the right to invite 2 visitors to ceremony of rewarding.

The starting payment includes insurance of a civil liability of participants of rally before the third parties for the period of carrying out of competition.

All additional visitors are paid separately.

Classic Automobile Rally-Club (C.A.R.C.) at support of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF) Phone:7(916)146 2836; 7(916) 222 5854