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Rally “Moscow at night”


Старое Время

Rally “Moscow at night”

Cars produced before 1975. Younger cars can also take part in the competition as participants but out of count.

 August, 6 2005
Rally "Moscow at Night".
Rally of classic cars in the streets of night Moscow. After two hour rally  there will be an Awarding Ceremony and a club party.

Registration of participants  starts at 20:00 and stops at 21:45 - parking of the shopping center "Zapadnii" Rublevskoe highway, 52а

Start: 22-00 parking of  the shopping center "Zapadnii" 

Finish: 00-30.

An Awarding Ceremony and a club party: restaurant "Gorki"  Tverskaya street,3
Each crew has the right to invite two guests to an Awarding Ceremony.

Entry fee: 300$

The starting payment includes insurance of a civil liability of participants for the period of carrying out of competition.