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2nd International rally “Golden Cupolas” - the Stage of superiority of 2005.


Старое Время

2nd International rally “Golden Cupolas” - the Stage of superiority of 2005.

Only original cars produced before 1970. Different conditions for different age groups. Special conditions for Car clubs. Applications from clubs are considered first of all. Younger cars can also take part in the competition as participants but out of count.

“Golden Cupolas” is a tourist rally (2nd category of rally classification). Driving between the cities will be proceeded according to traffic regulation rules with a maximum speed of 50 km per hour; time is flexible (arrival at check point within 30 minutes of its working time). No separation for classes is provided while driving.

In the cities there will be competitions of slalom type depending on local conditions. If at such competitions vehicle dynamic can influence the result, a coefficient will be provided to multiply the result. If there are special cars (ex. cars of the beginning of the century) special term will be provided for them.

Organizer provides:

  • Car insurance for the term of rally
  • Accommodation with breakfast and supper 
  • Dinner 
  • Secure parking
  • Police escort where needed 
  • Rally-Organisation - roadbook, start-number, marshals, technical support (escort with Interpreter and trouble shooter, towing-team)
  • Celebratory dinner and prize-giving party at finish   


7 Jule, Thursday – Russian Roads

Arkhangelskoye (Moscow) – Tver’ – Sknyatino

Arkhangelskoye – Tver’            213 km, 5 hr, lunch

Tver’ – Sknyatino                    217 km, 4 ½ hr.

Length – 430 km, total time 11 hours

8 July, Friday  – Golden Cupolas

Sknyatino – Uglitch – Rostov – Yaroslavl’ – Shuya – Suzdal’

Sknyatino – Uglitch                         83 km, 2 hours, 30 min. rest

Uglitch – Rostov                                    90 km, 2 hours, 30 min. rest

Rostov – Yaroslavl’                                57 km, 1 ½ hour, lunch

Yaroslavl’– Shuya                         136 km, 2 ¾ hours, 1 hour rest

Shuya – Suzdal’                                    126 km, 2 ½ hours.

Length – 446 kn, Total time 13 ½ hours

9 July, Saturday – Russian Cities

 Suzdal’ – Yuriev-Polskyi – Pereslavl’-Zalesskiy – Sergiev Possad – Dmitrov – Arkhangelskoye (Moscow)

Suzdal’ – Yuriev-Polskyi             58 km, 1 hour, 30 min rest

Yuriev-Poslyi – Pereslavl’                    70 km, 1 ½ hour, 30 min rest

Pereslavl’ – Sergiev Possad                       68 km, 1 ½ hour, 1 hour rest, lunch

Sergiev Possad – Dmitrov                       50 km, 1 hour, 30 min rest

Dmitrov – Arkhangelskoye                      120 km, 2 ½ hours.

Length – 366 km, total time 10 hours

Total length – about 1220 km

Have passed rally of this year, don't worry we'll be happy to see you on

"Golden Cupolas"2006 - the third international rally of classic cars.
Registration begins on November, 1st 2005


The Rally is to be held according to the Sport Code of Russian Motor Federation. Original vehicles only can take part in all the events. Age of the vehicle by the moment of Rally start should be more then 30 years. Younger cars can also take part in the competition as participants but out of count. Final decision is to be made by the Organizers.

Organizers will except only fully and truly filled out claims. In some events participation is limited. In such case preference will be given to rare models and brands, with documental prove of originality, produced less items and/or with outstanding history. The Organizer has the right to deny crew’s participation without providing any reason.

A crew should consist of 2 persons referred to as Driver and Navigator. In case Navigator doesn’t have a driving license he is not allowed to drive. Usually taking passengers is not forbidden. Before start each crew will be provided with Road book with description of route and the driving schedule.
Rally is a competition on accuracy of fulfill of the route and the time schedule. Driving is held mostly on public roads. Following traffic regulation rules is obligatory.

Within events schedule there will be a competition on speed maneuvering and complicated parts. We advise to take your own stop-watch. Some competitions are to be held on the closed grounds with a big number of spectators.

Let us draw your attention to the fact that in Russia standard gas has octane value 80, 92 and 95, which is not really clean. Not all gas stations have additives, so if your car needs other sorts of fuel please take all you may need with you. Organizers are not responsible for any possible damage accrued for or by the partakers during the rally. Insurance is strongly recommended. You will also need to purchase civil responsibility insurance; organizers at the registration will provide that.

Registration forms, terms of payment and other documentation on each competition will be provided in advance. If you know what competitions you would like to take part in please let the organizers know in advance for reservation.