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"Italy 2011"

Club trip through Italy"s lakes.

The participants visited such places like:

•  most romantic lake in Italy – lake Коmo, where was bought the estate by famous celebrities Versace, George Clooney...

•    town Bellagio,

•    famous Villa Melzi,

•   ship to Tremezzo along the lake  towards Villa D"Este of 16th century,

•    made a trip along the lake Iseo - most home lake in Italy,

•    famous restaurant in hotel «Gualtiero Marchesi»,

•    we visited the museum Mille Miglia – show of rare cars - rally"s participants

•    lake Garda - the largest lake in Italy. Veneto area, famous Riviera del Brenta and visiting of Palladian Villas

•  and many other places, including program for kids

Оrganizer - Co. "Old Time".